Projekční činnost


We offer architectural and civil engineering services and consultancy in civil and industrial construction – from initial consultation to study, design of all levels and building approval by authorities. We can handle Building Information Model (BIM) requirements and projects in which some of the green building certificates (LEED, BREEAM) are required.

We have obtained the ISO GOLD Certificate for all major project activities.

Project management


In our designs, we strive for rational architecture with clear motives which emanate from the demands of our clients and the surrounding context. Our aim in architecture is to keep our designs clear, innovative and choose the solution which is in harmony with the technical aspects. This means we can provide high effectivity and satisfation of our client´s demands and expectations. Our team is composed of talented architects with strong references and experiences gained from significant architectural studios. They are all connected with common visions and aims.

Technický dozor investora


The site supervisor not only supervises the work, but he verifies quality and ensures compliance with the design approved in the building proceedings, with applicable contracts and legislation and with the client’s interests and intentions.

Inženýrská činnost


We provide land surveys and geodetic surveys constituting the design basis. We discuss intended projects with relevant state authorities and organisations from which the client needs to obtain the zoning permit and building permit. We obtain the zoning and building permit for the client. We organise the building approval and approval certificate from authorities. We handle property rights connected with the construction including liens and easement.