About us

EBM – Expert Building Management, s.r.o. was founded in 1998. It followed upon the considerable earlier experience of its founder, who had worked since 1991 in Czechoslovakia and then in Slovakia after the break-up.

We keep in close touch with clients from the first contact and are open to their ideas. We discuss all aspects of the project to ensure successful completion in the most efficient way. We treat our employees and sub-contractors as partners and highly value a fruitful and respectful relationship.

Our policy

The mission of EBM – Expert Building Management is to win clients by offering excellent service, to guarantee professional work from all employees, their substitutability, and to keep the client informed about all project aspects.

EBM Group

The company EBM – Expert Building Management, s.ro. is a part of a group of companies EBM Group, which is formed mainly by the following companies: EBM – Expert Building Management, s.r.o., EBM Construct s.r.o. and EBM Partner, a.s.

Company management

Ľubo Vais

Ing. Ľubomír Vais

Company founder, CEO

Jakub Vais

Mgr. Jakub Vais

Partner, executive, director of business

Ing. arch. Petr Vacek

Ing. arch. Petr Vacek

Partner, chief architect, head of civil engineering department

Ing. Martin Zelenka

Ing. Martin Zelenka

Chief civil engineer

Integrated EBM policy

EBM – Expert Building Management offers civil engineering services, site supervision, project management, real estate services and project preparation. The company management is well aware of the fact that on-time delivery, quality, the smallest possible environmental impact, fire prevention and health and safety for all employees are the fundamental preconditions for success.The management policy, revised on a regular basis, aims at:

1. A client-oriented approach

Satisfied and loyal clients are the result of our efforts. We create and shape conditions for better, open communication and collaboration.

2. Specialisation

The company seeks to improve between all parties involved, including the client, to ensure that we rank among the top service providers and have the best specialists.

3. Employee-oriented approach

Employees are the fundamental instrument of success. We adopt the right HR policy to create a team of satisfied employees who not only deliver top-quality work, but are the source of new ideas for steady improvement. Thanks to ongoing education, we raise employees’ awareness of their own accountability for quality and environmental and health protection.

4. Contractor-oriented approach

We offer a partnership and meet our obligations towards contractors. We demand a high degree of quality from our contractors, so that we can offer excellent quality to our clients. We are confidential regarding our contractors as well as clients.

5. Process stability and improvement

We prefer taking a pre-emptive approach to irregularities regarding quality, the environment and health and safety. We strive for ongoing improvement of our environmental profile. We reduce health and safety risks by defining target values and objectives, and through continual reviews of our system we ensure compliance with the latest legislation.

6.Environmental improvement

We prefer environmentally friendly services with minimum risk potential wherever technically and economically feasible.

7. Health and safety and fire prevention

The company places an emphasis on prevention of hazards to employee health and other collaborators, seeking to eliminate job-related accidents and any negative health impact in all operations.

In Prague, 1 November 2011

Ing. Ľubomír Vais

Mgr. Jakub Vais
(management representative)