BD Staré splavy – progress of construction

On 28th December upon the final building control inspection, building approval was granted. Completion of interiors are being done so the handing over to clients can begin soon. Work on site is going due to schedule.

Final building approval – Beranka

First thirteen residential projects for family homes were given an approval as scheduled. The project, which is now finishing, was developed by Daramis compeny and EBM – Expert Building Managemant s.r.o which have been providing detail design documentation and documentation for building amendment.

CBS Liberec – progress of construction

In the first half of February the fitting of insulation has begun, at present part of the facade has been finished including the final plasterwork. The next step will be the fitting of external blinds and deassembling of the scaffolding in this part of the building.  The structure of the stainless steel roof of the […]

Best of Realty 2017

Building FIVE, of which EBM Expert was the project architect, and where EBM Group is based, has achieved another award after its success in the competition ,,Building of the Year 2017″. BuIlding FIVE was given second place in the category New Administration Centre in the competition ,,Best of Realty 2017″. The project was particularly praised for its conversion into offices from its former use as a tram depot in Prague – Smichov. The project proves […]

Building of the year 2017

Building FIVE, of which EBM Expert was the project architect, was given a special award for designing with BIM technology in a prestigious competition: Building of the year 2017. On project Five we have used our wide range of experiences gained from previous projects (in particular the project Corso Court, evaluated by the same award). The judges highly appreciated that the BIM model was used through the entire process […]

OAKS Prague

During the cooperation on project OAKS Prague in the position of project architekt, we have recieved another offer to work on an architectural study. Currently we are working on some spaces, for example OAKS Riding Club or Site Office. Oaks Prague is a uniqe project which is placed just a couple of kilometers south-east from […]

Progress of construction – Residence Pod Skálou

The gross building of Residence Pod Skálou has been finished in July, same as the installation of main wiring in the flats and a bigger part in the common spaces of the building. The windows are allredy fitted and currently the installation of the insulation system is in progress. Approval of the building is planned due to schedule for Decemeber 2017.

Progress of construction – Green triangle

Construction of first phase of apartmant building named Green Triangl is getting into the phase of finishing groos building. The mason of interior partition is in progress right now and the installation of internal pipework has begun. Construction work is going due to schedule which expect the finishing of the building in the first quarter of the next year.

Data center Hostivař – progress of construction

Currently, the structure of the data centre building has been finished including the completion of the building envelope and roof. The technical infrastucture is in progress as is also the flooring and fitting of the doors. At the same time work on technical infrastructure continues within the grounds and public area, including site access.

EBM relocation

From the 1st of May you will find us in the new and larger premises of the FIVE building in Smíchov. FIVE is a 6 floor tall office building, located in an attractive neighbourhood of Smichov, widely-chosen for its accessibility. The FIVE building is preliminarily rated LEED Platinum, the highest possible rating of green building […]